Getting Involved 


The only formal membership recognised at St Peter's is entry onto the Electoral Roll.  Any lay person aged 16 or over may apply to be included on the roll by completion and signature of the Application Form, provided that (in abbreviated summary) they:
  • have been baptised; and
  • are a member of the Church of England*; and
  • either live in the parish, or have worshipped with us for at least six months.
Under Church of England rules, the entire roll has to be revised every six years, with everyone required to apply for entry on the new roll.  Our roll was last revised in 2013 and a copy is on display on the notice board at the back of the church. We encourage everyone who meets the eleigibility criteria and considers themselves to be part of the church to enrol.

Application forms should be submitted to the church office, or left in the folder of Sue Breeze, our Electoral Roll Officer.  Folders can be found in the Small Hall on Sunday mornings.

* see the Application Form for more details