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Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings look like this:
8.45am Prayer Service Topic-based prayer focus
Communion 1st  Sunday
9.30am Refreshments Coffee, pastries, social time
10.00am Main Service Worship, word, ministry
Communion 3rd Sunday

What to expect at our 8.45am Prayer Service

45 minutes of participation in prayer!  We follow a general format of:
ADORATION - out and out praise.  Joyful, sometimes noisy, using the songs of scripture, in pairs, small groups, open prayer and all together.
CONFESSION - both our sin/need and also the big truths of the gospel, God's promises, affirmations of faith in scripture and Christian historic creeds.
THANKSGIVING - testimony is the prophetic forth-telling of the character of God that invites others into the same experience of God's goodness.
SUPPLICATION - heartfelt and impassioned intercession; the King's army pleading the cause of a broken world and the worldwide church.

What to expect at our 10.00am Main Service

WORSHIP - including testimony, ministry and the prophetic word for 40 minutes.  This is ordered as well as participative. In 1 Corinthians 14 (3-5, 26-33) Paul reminds us to come with hymns, revelations and prophecies, with an emphasis on building up the church and order.  So please indicate to the service leader the nature and content of what you feel led to bring and he/she will decide if it fits into the overall service.
NOTICES - not more than 5 minutes!  NB Intercession times will be 8.45-9.30am.
SERMON - this will be the main teaching time for the church.  Response time, further worship and ministry may follow.

During the main service we offer a creche for those with young children (0-3).  The following groups also run:

To listen to a sermon, go to audio library

For more about our evening service, look up The Gathering.

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