Getting Involved 

Young at heart Jan - Apr 2020

The vision of St Peter’s is -

to see people's lives transformed in relationship with Jesus Christ,
to bring that transforming power of Jesus into the centre of community life in Loudwater,
to release members equipped to serve the wider church in High Wycombe and beyond.

Young at Heart wishes to apply this vision among older/retired people, so if you are too “young” to receive then come along and give, e.g. chat to the “old”.
We meet on Tuesday afternoon; all meetings include worship and prayer and there is generally a monthly pattern to our meetings:

“Just Looking” – a bible reading/study or mini-sermon (twice a month).
“Afternoon Tea plus” – does what it says on the tin, the “plus” is usually a short talk.
“DVD” – just sit, talk and watch a film – chosen by request. 

Meetings start at 3pm and finish by 4pm + a bit; except for “Afternoon Tea plus” which starts at 2:30pm.  At the 3pm meetings, tea and biscuits are provided beforehand, so come earlier.
If you would like a lift then we can arrange to pick you up at home.
And the programme is:

Date        Time       Location           Topic
14 Jan      2.30pm   Large Hall          Afternoon Tea Plus
21 Jan      3.00pm   Old Vicarage     Just Looking
28 Jan      3.00pm   Old Vicarage     DVD: Rear Window (Part 1)
04 Feb     3.00pm   Old Vicarage     Just Looking: Colossians 1:1-14 "Thanksgiving & Prayer"
11 Feb     2.30pm   Large Hall          Afternoon Tea Plus
18 Feb     3.00pm   Old Vicarage     Just Looking
25 Feb     3.00pm   Old Vicarage     DVD: Rear Window (Part 2)
03 Mar     3.00pm   Old Vicarage     Just Looking: Colossians 1:15-23 "Christ: supreme Lord & sufficient Saviour"
10 Mar     2.30pm   Large Hall          Afternoon Tea Plus
17 Mar     3.00pm   Old Vicarage     Just Looking
24 Mar     3.00pm   Old Vicarage     Just Looking: Colossians 1:24 - 2:5 "Apostolic ministry & concerns"
31 Mar     2.30pm   Large hall          Easter Celebration



For more information
please contact
David Clarke via the contact page.