Our new Vicar

At the 10am service on Sunday 11 August 2019 the Churchwardens were really delighted to be able to announce some great news. After such a long wait, much prayer and discernment we have appointed a new Vicar for St Peter’s!
His name is Danny Rodgers and he is currently curate at a large evangelical church in Buckingham, where he has been for 3 years. His wife is called Alison and they have two children - Emily who will be three when they get here and Peter almost two.
They are a young family and this will be Danny’s first appointment as vicar. Danny has a great background in youth work and experience with children and families. He has a real heart for prayer, showed a great balance between Word and Spirit, loves teaching from the old testament, is enthusiastic about reaching out to the local community, studied at All Nations and then an MA in Christian Leadership at St Mellitus in London - and if that wasn't enough – he also has a Messianic Jewish background. As an appointment panel we were 100% sure that Danny was not only a really good fit for St Peter’s – but he was also the person God intends as our next leader.
Throughout this appointment process God has repeatedly been speaking to us from 1 Samuel 16, Samuel’s search to anoint a king. We had a real sense that Danny is our David, a man of great potential. Being vicar of St Peter’s will be big shoes for him to fill – but just like David the shepherd boy who became king - it's a role we are totally confident he will grow into.
Bearing this in mind, together with the Diocese and CPAS, we are putting in place additional support, training and coaching for Danny for his first eighteen months and we here at St Peter’s will need to be patient with him as he grows and develops as a leader.
Danny will finish his curacy in Buckingham at the end of September and then they will take some holiday as a family - moving to Loudwater after that. We need to allow Danny the space to finish his ministry in Buckingham and for the family to settle in here – so please however tempted you might be in this connected age to make contact with Danny, please do resist getting in touch with him – there will be plenty of opportunity after his induction and licensing.
We are close to finalising a date for the Induction & licensing service which we anticipate will be towards the end of October. The service will be here at St Peter’s lead by Bishop Alan, the Bishop of Buckingham along with our Archdeacon, Guy Elsmore and Area Dean Dave Bull – we will have a big celebration and evening of welcome for Danny & Allison as they start out on their ministry here.
You may be asking the question why it has taken so long to appoint Danny when some will know that he came to interview at the end of June. Danny had been offered another job and so he and Alison needed time to pray and discern for themselves where God was calling them. We also needed to ensure we could get the right support for Danny and finalise agreement on some work on the vicarage garden and drive to ensure the home would work and be safe for a young family.
To be honest for those of us involved on the panel, this extra time has felt a little like it must have done for Samuel waiting for David to come in from the field, but as a panel we were unanimous in our conviction of Danny being the right man for us here, the one God was calling. We just had to be patient and trust God.
One benefit of the appointment process not following the usual pattern, has been that Peter and I have had more opportunity to meet and communicate openly with Danny and Alison than we might normally have done. This has added to our conviction of them being absolutely the family God is calling here for this next season at St Peter’s, confirming the unanimity the panel sensed as we interviewed.

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